A desire to create buildings that are beautiful and functional.

From incorporating elements of biomimicry to embracing sustainable building practices, this Cape Town architect thrives on bringing life to a design.

Concept Design.

Taking ideas and creating architectural designs that resonate.

Alan Walt will guide you through the process of designing a home or building that’s purpose-built and aesthetically pleasing.

Project Completion.

Architectural expertise from start to finish.

Every building or interior begins as an idea. Alan Walt is a top architect that breathes life into a concept. And makes it liveable.


Take a closer look at the services that Alan Walt offers.

What we do.


Alan Walt’s home design focuses on creating a space you can really live in. From student housing to beachside villas, if you can live in it, Alan will design it.


Designing government buildings is just another of Alan’s many skills. He’s worked with a number of government departments including the Department of Correctional Services and law courts.


Commercial buildings that cater to the business sector require the skills of a top architect. Offices, retail outlets and other commercial buildings are part of Alan’s wheelhouse. From single to multi-use commercial developments, he’s put his stamp on them all.


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Interior Design.

Alan’s expertise extends beyond the construction process. He brings a wealth of interior design experience to the table for any size project, including the design of bespoke furniture and decorative aesthetics.


From new builds to revamps of existing heritage buildings, Alan Walt can talk you through the process. Decades of experience make him the ideal consultant.

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If you’re looking for an architect in Cape Town, talk to Alan Walt. His decades of experience stand him in good stead to tackle any design project, and his hands-on approach ensures the job gets done. The result will speak for itself.

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness”
- Frank Gehry.